sociology discussions

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First Discussion

In this week’s Strayer Story, you learned about the importance of BBQ culture for Leslie Roark Scott and her family. For Leslie Roark, BBQ is an important cultural artifact. Cultural artifacts are the things that make up a society’s material culture. Some examples of cultural artifacts are tools, food, clothing, and books. Think about your own culture and some of the artifacts (material objects) that are part of it. Choose one of the following artifacts:

  • Food
  • Music
  • Clothing

Describe why you chose it and how it helps you feel connected to your own culture.

Second Discussion

Defining racism

According to the WebText, racism refers to “the belief that certain racial or ethnic groups are inferior to one or more other groups.” To most people, this definition is largely insufficient to explain this complicated concept!

  • Some sociologists argue that POWER should play a role in a definition of racism. Would you agree or disagree? Why?
  • What other factors, besides power, do you think are important to consider when discussing a definition of racism?
  • Think about your family and upbringing. Think about your peer group, your education, and your life circumstances. Think about the experiences you have had AND those you have not had. What factors have impacted your perspective on racism and HOW have these factors impacted your perspective?

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