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Assignment #2: Documenting Globalization in Our Built Environment

Due Date: April 2nd, 10:pm

In this assignment , your goal is to capture images of globalization in the built environment of the DC metro area. The term “built environment” refers to buildings, billboards, shop signs, statues, etc. I emphasize the built environment because I do NOT want you to photograph people as an indicator of globalization.

To complete this assignment, you will perform the following tasks:

  1. Go out into the community to take pictures of buildings, places, shops, statues, etc. that connect our region (the broader DC Metro area) to specific places in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East.
  2. Choose your favorite picture showing the connection to specific places in each of these four major world regions (for a total of 4 pictures).

Write a brief description of your chosen pictures. For each picture, address the following questions:

Where is this located in the DMV?

What aspect of globalization do you think it is most deeply connected to?

Why do you think this building, shop, statue, etc. is located in this particular place?

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