sociology of crime

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Assessment Instructions

1. For each part of the assessment (i.e. parts I and II), you MUST answer the questions for FOUR weekly review readings. Part I covers weeks 1-5 of the course, and Part II covers weeks 6-12 of the course. You must answer ALL the questions in each of the weeks you coose.
2. In the provided template, enter your name, tutor’s name, and student number. Then cut and paste your answers to the FOUR readings you have chosen to answer. There is a word limit of 300 words (plus 10%) for each of the answers.

3. In-text citations (i.e. Wood, 2016) will count towards your word limit. However, references will not, as they are to be added at the bottom of the template under “References” for all of your four answers.


see the attached files

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