Solutions Based Activism Paper

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Length: 800 words

Your final essay will consist of identifying and giving presence to a significant societal problem and offering an innovative solution to the problem. Once you have explained the problem and its root cause, you will compare and analyze two solutions that have been implemented already. Finally, you will synthesize what you’ve learned from the two solutions and explain what the best solution to the problem could be.

Your essay should include the following:

  • In the introduction you will explain the problem that the essay will be tackling and end with a thesis statement that concisely argues for the best solution to the problem.
  • You will then find two solution articles. You will write at least one paragraph per solution. Each paragraph should start by introducing the title and author of the article or the name of the nonprofit organization, followed by a thorough explanation of how the solution works. Finally, each paragraph should argue the extent to which each solution is effective and ineffective. You must include quotes in MLA. You must not plagiarize.
  • You will then synthesize the information you’ve learned and propose your own solution (at least one well developed paragraph)
  • You must anticipate your audience’s counterarguments and refute them (at least one well developed paragraph but preferably two, one for the counterarguments and one for the rebuttal).
  • Conclusion paragraph: You may end your essay by appealing to pathos and urging people to take action

NOTE: you must include a works cited page and you must cited at least 2 sources

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