Statement of Problem

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There is a problem in __________ (societal organization, institution, policy, etc.) That problem, specifically, is __________ (name the problem). Currently, __________ (describe the current situation and/or what is currently being done to address the problem). However, __________ (describe the continuance of the problem). This problem impacts __________ (name the population) because __________ (describe the impact). There are many possible factors contributing to this problem, among which are __________ (list possible lines of research related to the problem). This study will contribute to the body of knowledge needed to address this problem by __________ (identify the study focus which will be specified in the research questions).

Using this template to finish my statement of the problem below is the orginal paragraph that prfessor wants me to fix.

The problem to be addressed by this study is the effects that sport facilities have on Hispanic communities. As discussed in the introduction, despite the fact that the Hispanic community makes up 17 percent of the United States population, the involvement of the community in sports activities is alarmingly low (Iber & Regalado, 2007). This is in spite of a high percentage of Hispanics being sports fanatics.

This problem has been attributed to factors such as lack of sporting facilities and social support as well as fear of immigration laws being enforced on Hispanics by the Trump administration (Duncan, 2004). The aim of this study is to therefore to focus on whether sporting facilities do indeed play any key role on the Hispanic people, hence facilitate the sourcing of funding for the various facility projects for the named society.

According to the research, the Hispanic people are a large consumer of sporting facilities, resulting to increased cost of maintenance of the standards of such facilities. This is because the heavy cost lies on the community and their sponsors. Putting into consideration the large Hispanic consumer market, if the problem is not addressed, the sports fans population among the Hispanic community will end up thinking that sports are for only rich people who can afford it (Earnheardt, Haridakis & Hugenberg , 2011). This will have negative consequences as they will keep to themselves and watch games indoors, instead of socializing with other cultures. Eventually, the Hispanic community may end up not participating in sports, yet they play a leading critical role among U.S league of sports (Iber, 2014). Therefore, the research will expose the impact Hispanic communities have on the society.

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