Strategic Choices: Riverbend City: TOWS Matrix, health and medicine homework help

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Riverbend City: TOWS Matrix

Based on Riverbend City: Ruby Lake Evacuation Mission, answer the following questions:

  • One component for health care organizations when conducting a TOWS
    (threats-opportunities-weaknesses-strengths) matrix analysis is
    incorporating the facilities requirements from an emergency preparedness
    plan for the local community. Review the Riverbend City scenario and
    discuss the issues, using a TOWS matrix analysis, that the long-term
    care facility needs in its planning process to allow them to respond to
    the disaster and to safely evacuate their residents.
  • In your response, include a detailed discussion of the advantages a
    TOWS matrix offers strategic managers when addressing external
    opportunities and threats.

    This is a discussion assignment and the answer has to have a minimum of 200 words and references have to scholarly or peer-reviewed.

    Below is the RiverBend City information needed for the assignment.

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