Strategic Planning PowerPoint

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Create a Strategic Planning PowerPoint for Best Buy using
the template provided. Presentation should include detailed notes (under the
notes section of your PowerPoint), may include key findings from the analyses
you already provided throughout this course, and should bring the audience
towards your final strategic suggestions. is an integration of all the
strategic thinking you have done so far and result in a clear and salient
strategic recommendation. Include proper references and citations.

PowerPoint Template and Instructions 

This template for your PowerPoint presentation is a guide.
You should feel free to include the charts, illustrations, and concepts that
fit your particular case. Your PowerPoint should not be more than 10 slides and
should follow good presentation formatting. Use the notes section for any
detailed explanation you would like to make.

  • Title
  • Summary
    of vision and mission
  • Environmental
  • Organizational
  • Illustration
    slides (no more than three), which can include competitive, IFE, QSPM
    matrices, or any other useful illustration that makes a valid case for the
    strategic choice
  • Strategic
    choice, based on your best intuition and the facts
  • Recommendations
    and next steps
  • Reference

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