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first of all, I attached the article in the file you can read it to understand every thing.

Second thing, I want you only to reply to my friend’s answer ( if you agree with her or not) write at least 60 words

What are the [potential challenges in implementing student-led outreach activities in Africa?

The article stated the importance of science communication and the implications that it can bring to students in Africa. While there are research outputs in Africa, the understanding of science communication is still not fully realized. Thus, the researchers proposed the need to train and involve students with outreach activities in order to address the given problem. These science communication activities can beneficial in Africa because it integrated training into teaching processes, as well as developing public engagement. Though, they’re facing many challenges as mentioned in the previous comments. I agree with Sania that scientists should devote some of their time to students to develop good skills.

your reply …..

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