submit your final business letter it s time to incorporate any comments for revi

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Submit Your Final Business LetterIt’s time to incorporate any comments for revision your instructor recommended and make all the final touches to the business letter you wrote in week 7.

Review the comments of your instructor to create a final draft of your business letter.

Make sure it includes the following: 

  • Visit the Purdue OWL site for additional help with revising the business letter.

When you are ready to submit your letter, make sure you refer to the following checklist and sample letter with comments to include all the necessary information in your letter.


  • Make sure your letter is one page in length.
  • Put your address at the top of the page. Single space the heading.
  • Include the date either in your heading or two lines below your heading.
  • Include in the inside address the name, title and organization of the person receiving the letter
  • Double space and include a greeting to the person who is receiving the letter. A colon should follow the greeting.
  • Double space and begin the first paragraph of the letter. Do not indent.
  • Keep the paragraph in block format.
  • Keep all other paragraphs in block format.
  • Check to make sure your sentences are clear and avoid the errors discussed this week.
  • Create a closing and leave space between the closing and your name so you can sign the letter before mailing it.

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