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In a one-page paper, provide your thoughts and opinions regarding the use of “nature”—both the actual word, as well as images associated with the natural world (animals, trees, the sun and moon, etc) in the works of Edgar Allen Poe and especially Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The purpose of writing these interpretations is so you have a perception of the idea of nature as it relates to the observations and analyses you’ve begun on The Iroquois League and in the works of Jonathan Edwards.

Specifically, explain your understanding of how readings fromThe Iroquois League and in the works of Jonathan Edwards might have influenced the work of Poe & Emerson. Determine the development of the idea of nature as we move forward in time from the Natives and Puritans to the writers of the 19th Century. The paper must be one page in length (not including title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style. Cite your sources in text and on the reference page.


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