Tax Memo Assignment (write complete tax memo)

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Prepare a tax research memo for the tax files regarding the federal income tax treatment of the taxability of the alimony payments. Further, you also need to address in the memo the three basic elements of tax evasion, the risks associated with tax evasion and the penalties for tax evasion. You will need to support your conclusions using primary sources of tax law. Your textbook is NOT primary authority.

You must use proper citation form in your memo (see Chapter 2 for help with citation form). The form for this communication should be professional and in the form of a tax research memo (example posted on Blackboard and a similar example in your text on p. 2-20). Do yourself a favor and look at the grading rubric before you submit.

This memo should be whatever length you feel is appropriate to resolve the issues. We do NOT use a bibliography or list of references in a tax research memo. You will see that citations are within the text of the document in the example. Once a court case has been cited in full, it can be referred to using simply the name in italics.

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