Test the students’ ability to research, analyze and present financial information, Business and finance project help

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 The students have to complete an individual or group (determined by
your professor) financial research project. The purpose of this assignment is
to test the students’ ability to research, analyze and present financial information.
The students will be required to research key financial data, analyze the
information, apply the appropriate financial concepts and formulas and prepare
a credible management level financial report.

The Financial Research Project, as described below, will be assigned on-line
on the beginning of week 1 of the course.  This project is due, submitted
online via LEO, not later than the date indicated in the course schedule.

This report should be about 8-10 double-spaced typewritten pages (ignoring
any tables or graphs – which are recommended).

This Written Assignment is valued at 20% of your final course grade. This
report will require (1) financial data research, (2) the application of a wide
range of financial theories, and (3) quantitative analysis to prepare a
professionally-sound and supported recommendation. The report will be evaluated
based on the following three factors:

–30%—-The quality of the supporting research and references.

–50%—-The analysis of the data, presented in the report. The student
demonstrates understanding and application of economic concepts and formulas.

–20%—-The presentation approach, professionalism, logic and
persuasiveness of your recommendation  

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