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The 15th amendment prohibits the denial of
the “Right to Vote.” If voting is therefore an undeniable right, then it
should never be forced upon someone. Since when should a person be
forced to exercise their rights. What’s next, forcing everyone to bear
arms? How about the right to remain silent? Are we going to force people
to do so when questioned by the police or under arrest?

I believe increasing voter turnout may reduce the level of party
polarization because I think there are probably more people in the
middle that could shape this country and bring the left and right closer
together or at least drown them out a little. Maybe some type of
incentive could be offered, such as a tax credit, to get more people to
turn out and vote, but they should never be forced to vote or fined if
they do not do so. This is similar to being given the opportunity for
health care, as if it is a right to have health care, which some may
argue, then fined if you do not take part in it.

agree or disagree with 2-3 sentences

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