The Affordable Care Act is a watershed in U.S. public health policy, writing help

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The Affordable Care Act is a watershed in U.S. public health policy. Consisting of ten separate legislative Titles, the Act has several major aims:

First – Achieve near-universal coverage and to do so through shared responsibility among governments, individuals, and employers.

Second – to improve the fairness, quality, and affordability of health insurance coverage

Third – to improve health-care value, quality, and efficiency while reducing wasteful spending and making the health-care system more accountable to a diverse patient population. 

Fourth – to strengthen primary health-care access while bringing about longer-term changes in the availability of primary and preventive health care. 

Fifth – to make strategic investments in the public’s health, though both an expansion of clinical preventive care and community investments.

Essential health plan offered by health insurance companies must include essential health benefits.

It is important that the Affordable Care Act include the following for the community and public:

Outpatient hospital services

Inpatient hospital services

Emergency services

Prenatal, maternity, and newborn care

Pediatric care

Preventive and wellness services

Chronic disease management

Mental health disorder counseling and treatment

Substance abuse counseling and treatment

Prescription drug coverage

Laboratory tests and services

Nurses can support the health of families and communities by serving as sources of much-needed information on how to access the health insurance coverage that the Affordable Care Act offers. Connecting people with resources that help them get healthy and stay healthy is the role for the nurses.  We as nurses need to reach out to the uninsured and inform them of the availability of health insurance and assist them with resources to sign up.

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