The Crisis, No. 1

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  • Prompt 2: Paragraphs 2 and 3, “Whether the Independence . . . as good a pretense as he.”  In Common Sense, Paine had declared that America could defeat itself with “delay and timidity.” What does he say about time in paragraph 2? 
  • Prompt 3: Paragraph 4, “It is surprising to see.”  Feel free to comment on the recent “panic” we have had in our country for the last few years if you see a connection.  However, do not lose focus on the actual prompt – a solid summary of the paragraph.
  • Prompt 5: Paragraph 7, “I shall now not attempt.”  This paragraph is shorter but full.  Be sure to address the state of the men and also what Paine has to say about Washington’s character through the reference to King William.
  • Prompt 8: Paragraph 11, “America did not, nor does not, want force. . . .”
  • Prompt 10: Paragraph 13, “My own line of reasoning. . . .”  Do not ignore Paine’s strong language against the king.

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