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Fix the following paragraph and works cited page so that it is in MLA format.

The dwarf minke whale may be the whale we know the least about of all. These friendly creatures appear every winter for a few months on the outer edges of the Great Barrier Reef. According to George Smathers of the Australian Oceanography Society, “we know everything there is to know about their habits except where they are the rest of the year and what they are doing while they are there.” Perhaps because the adults are only about 25 feet long, they aren’t nearly as famous as blue whales or humpbacks. Dwarf Minke researchers have a hard time getting donations to cover their expenses [from Robert Jones]. Felicia Smart wonders if it would be different of they had songs like the humpbacks.

Works Cited

Robert Jones information came from the article “Dwarf Minke Researchers Seeking Funds” in the July 11, 2003 edition of the Sydney Times in Australia. It is on pages 33-35.

George Smathers was quoted on page 458 of the book Whales of the World, which was published by Little and Company in Boston in 2005.

Felicia Smart’s article was titled “The Search for the Dwarf Minke” in the magazine (journal) Oceanography Today, volume 33, number 4, April 2004.

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