The Man Without a Memory Paper

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Hi Teams, You will again get into your Learning Teams this week to explore the learning and memory processes involved in the case example in the video: Man without a Memory- Clive Wearing. I have specific tips listed below as to how to approach this paper as a team. Please read these tips and discuss these as a LT before you begin this project. If you have any questions, please send a private Message to me directly.

Assignment Instructions:

1) The expectation as a Learning Team this week is to watch the video on Clive Wearing: The Man Without A Memory:

YouTube (2013) Clive Wearing Living without Memory. Retrieved from

(Note: some groups have watched the video together and then discussed over conference call but whatever works for your team is fine. Use the Learning Team discussion forum to correspond with your teammates regarding the key questions about Clive’s experience). For closed captioning options lick in “CC” at bottom right of the video screen. For transcript go to 3 dots below the video on the right and click “open transcript”.

2) Note that there is no one right answer I am looking for here; rather, I want to see that teams have discussed the topics with their teammates and convey a deep understanding of the topics being addressed in a synthesized paper. The paper should demonstrate Learning Team collaboration and teamwork. As a Learning Team, you will be consolidating/summarizing your team answers in a 350-700 word paper. It is okay to number each question prompt in your paper and type your consolidated group response. It is also okay to go over word count but be sure to meet minimum word count:

( Your response does not need to meet 350-700 words. Just ensure all the questions below are answered with detail. Be sure to have references.)

  • How would you define the relationship between learning something and remembering it?
  • What specific region of Clive’s brain is damaged to result in this memory loss?
  • How do you explain Clive’s loss of memory for most things, despite his lasting memory for his wife and the piano?
  • If you were Clive, what memories would you miss the most?
  • How are emotions linked to memories? Provide some examples to support your answers.

Once you have generated discussion on each of the prompts, be sure to synthesize your individual responses so that your responses are consolidate.

  • For example, avoid: “Jane says ABC; Bob says XYZ…”
  • RATHER paper should be organized like follows: “Our Team feel that XYZ” and “There was some difference in our approach as a LT to prompt X but we ended up agreeing that…”

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