The McFarlane Companies Video – Segment One, management homework help

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The McFarlane Companies Video – Segment One

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Todd McFarlane runs one of most successful toy companies in world. His story begins in Calgary with a deep interest in comic books during his late teens. After receiving more than 300 rejection letters, Todd’s perseverance paid off when he landed a job with Marvel comics. This video segment illustrates how Todd gained essential knowledge by first working for others before venturing out on his own. The video also describes how Todd has used a seemingly unconventional approach to create a wildly successful toy company.

Discussion Questions

1. Why did Todd McFarlane leave Marvel Comics?

2. How did Todd McFarlane leverage his purchase of sports memorabilia to benefit his business?

3. How does McFarlane deal with the risk of failure?

4. How do The McFarlane Companies use the Web to gain a competitive advantage?

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