The Myth of the “Opioid Epidemic

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We will begin this week’s discussion on opioids with a controversial opinion piece that features a familiar person–Dr. Carl Hart. It is entitled, “Psychologist Explains the ‘Myth’ of the Opioid Epidemic—And the Social Damage Caused by America’s Drug War.” It presents a perspective that is quite different from the one that is most often presented in the media.

After reviewing the article, please discuss some point or issue that stands out for you. It may be something that you agree with or disagree with. Or, it may be something else entirely. Take some time to really think about what is discussed in the article. Explain in detail your position, and why you feel this way. Please use the peer-reviewed scientific literature to support your position. Use at least two new references other than the one in this week’s assignment.

Do your best to make each of these references a quality and scholarly peer-reviewed scientific reference–(preferably a primary source).

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