The Role of Attention and Working Memory in Instruction and Learning

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 apply learning theory to practical everyday living and the acquisition of new information in a job setting. For example, you may have to learn a new technology at your workplace and maintain competency in your job skills and knowledge. Taking on a new career comes with much excitement as well as the challenge of learning a lot of new information. The theory and learning techniques you have learned so far in this course can be used to improve your ability to acquire new information on the job as well as to quickly adapt to changes in technology and other aspects of your job.  


  • A discussion of the role of sensory systems in learning and retention of information
  • A discussion of the role of auditory and visual attention in learning
  • A discussion of the interrelation of the sensory system, attentional systems, working memory, and cognitive functions in the learning process
  • Examples of how this information can be used to enhance attention techniques for the acquisition of new information

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