The State of Wisconsin began running a Boot Camp , writing homework help

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Should be 3 pages

Scenario #1: The State of Wisconsin began
running a Boot Camp for first time youth drug offenders. The camp
entails sending the offenders to the north woods from 3/14/2015 –
4/27/2015. “Campers” will build their own shelters and cook over open
fires. The camp also includes traditional boot camp aspects like
exercise, drills, etc. Billy Badger was given the job of determining
the effectiveness of the boot camp. The next time the boot camp is
conducted, he will compare a random sample of offenders placed in
traditional programs (e.g., probation, incarceration, drug treatment,
day treatment, house arrest, etc.) to a random sample of offenders
placed in the boot camp. He is planning on comparing the groups on
recidivism rates for the next two years.

Scenario #2: Bob’s plant shop was trying to determine what was
causing leaves on plants in their shop to change color related to
temperature. What would be a design to study leaf color change related
to temperature?

Scenario #3: Jim was trying to determine which gasoline he uses in
his car gets him the best mileage. He use four gasolines: Exxon,
Shell, BP and Mobil. What design could be used with this design?

1. Write a “Hypothesis” for each of the above proposed studies.

2. Write a “Null Hypothesis” for each of the proposed studies.

2. What would be the Independent Variable(s) in each?

3. What would be the Dependent Variable(s) in each?

4. What problems, if any, do you project with the proposed studies regarding the participants or outcomes?

Be sure to organize your writing with all four expectations in each scenario.

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