The topic is about Black Lives Matter, history homework help

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The topic is about Black Lives Matter.

  1. Research Proposal, Two Annotated Bibliographies, Working Bibliography
    Your Research Proposal demonstrates a firm grasp on your topic and research question/s. If you are passionate about the subject, this will not be difficult. Your proposal should be 1-2 full pages. Remember that cover pages and bibliographies do not count as pages due for your text (in this case, your Proposal). I want to know the following:
  2. Brief, yet explicit description of your topic. Remember to keep it focused. Your final paper is not to be more than ten pages (again, not including your working and annotated bibliographies). You may find that you simply restate your Topic, but most students have had to narrow the scope since the topic was submitted.
  3. How does your topic tie in with course content? What concepts and readings apply?
  4. What research have you done at this point?
  5. What further research do you intend on doing to complete the assignment?
  6. Finally, include an attached working bibliography of at least five sources; two of which must range from scholarly books and journals, specialized encyclopedias, government documents, relevant websites (that you check out for legitimacy). Start to think about which reading materials you want to use for your annotations.
  7. Choose any two of your resources and include as an Annotated Bibliography.
  • What’s an annotated bibliography (Links to an external site.)?
    An annotated bibliography is simply a regular bibliographic reference with some additional information about the reading. What you liked, what’s useful, interesting page numbers to remember, etc.

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