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Hi, can you write a research paper??
Here’s the content.

So I have to create a 5-7 page website that serves some of the communication-based needs of a group or culture that existed before 1980. This could be a more mainstream culture or a subculture, but it must be an identifiable group with specific needs, For example: The Hell’s Angels in the 1970s, or South African black/white culture during Apartheid. Something like “everyone in America in the 1950s” is too broad, as we can’t draw specific enough conclusions about the needs and habits of that group, but “50s American Middle Class Moms” might be enough to go on. Conversely, “The Kennedy Family” is not broad enough.

Before I start to create a website, I need to write a research paper!

Select a group of people. Research what made that group unique, being sure to identify their specific needs in their time and place. What were the hallmarks of their identity? Examine how they interact with one another and with others. What were their tools, their habits? Try to identify potential problems they might have faced in their era. Your research may include quantitative and qualitative, but should be mostly qualitative, and lead to a subjective asessment on the range of needs of your chosen culture.

That’s what I need to write about. could you do this for me?

oh and this needs to be double-spaced two pages MLA form!

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