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I’ve got a journal due.

Write a paragraph-length thoughtful response to the assigned preparation work—usually readings but sometimes videos. At a minimum you must write 250 words, but that would not earn top points. You may choose to respond to any part of the assigned preparation work. The objective is to do the preparation and think about it seriously before you come to class. Note: a response is not a summary and summaries will receive 0 points. A thoughtful response goes well beyond saying “I liked the reading” or “it was boring.” Instead, a journal reflection responds to the ideas in the reading. It makes connections with themes in this class, and stuff you know from the world, your life, and your other courses.

The writing style for the journal can be informal, but because you are reflecting on the assignment reading you need to be specific about the text name, author and page numbers you are talking about. Proofread. Spellcheck.

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