Theory, Risk factors, Goals and Objectives-Diabetes

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Theories, models, and frameworks illuminate foundational thought processes and behavioral patterns thereby helping the health promotion specialist with planning intervention. They serve as tools to help bridge the gap between human health behavior choices and the health promotion specialist’s plans to improve health. (APA) genereator

This assignment is Benchmark #2 for the Final Project.

Note: There are four (4) content components for this Unit’s initial discussion response.

  1. In the initial post for Unit 3, (with focus on the chosen health issue you identified in your epidemiological and needs assessment from Unit 2), discuss one theory, model or framework you believe could serve as a guiding principle to health behavior change for this health issue. Explain why this theory is a “good fit” relative to the health issue and population at risk.
  2. Also, identify and describe 3 risk factors for your chosen health issue. Explain how these risk factors connect to the health outcomes in the community.
  3. For each risk factor, write one (1) goal and three (3) objectives. Be sure to choose goals that could ensure long-term improvement in the health issue and objectives that would highlight shorter-term steps toward achievement of the goal.
  4. Finally, for each objective, list a few tactics or actions that you could implement to achieve the objective.

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