Thesis-Driven Argumentative Essay

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These are the instructions I was given:


You will write a thesis-driven, argumentative essay using only two essays from the list below:

  • AOC: “No Myths Here: Food Stamps, Food Deserts, and Food Scarcity,” “AOC: “Food’s Class Warfare,” 50 Essays: “On Compassion,” or 50 Essays: “On Dumpster Diving.”
  • Isolate both authors’ positions. What do the authors say about issues of socioeconomic classes?
  • Synthesize (pulling together related ideas) the authors’ positions showing where they are different and where they are similar (compare and contrast). Summaries and direct quotes will help you with this.
  • Incorporate at least one Quote sandwich and one Summary sandwich.
  • Argue your position: using the authors’ arguments as evidence, or as counter arguments to argue your own position about economic and class issues. Then connect with your personal examples with the authors’ ideas that you have identified. Let your own personal experiences (either something you have witnessed or personally experienced) shape your argument and examples.
  • Present a clear and explicit thesis statement; it is best to place it in the first paragraph as part of your introduction. Your thesis should have two parts: 1) an overview of the authors’ two positions (one sentence) and 2) a statement about your own position (one sentence) = two sentences total.

Essay Requirements:

  • Due: Monday, July 20th.
  • 3-4 FULL pages, double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font
  • MLA format (include a works cited page)

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