This assignment will ask you for several things:

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I do have each and every article about this quiz is about 26 questions anything you need to read about I can send it to you.

This quiz covers the Hapsburg and Bourbon monarchies, the colonization and settlement of New Mexico and California. The coverage will be based on the Powerpoint programs that cover these topics. Additionally, there will be coverage of the Cabeza de Vaca film, and the DeLeon and Griswold del Castillo article.

New Mexico

  • “Northwest Passage”

  • Juan de Oñate

  • Popé

  • “Orders for New Discoveries”

  • Franciscan missionaries

  • Diego de Vargas

De Leon & Griswold del Castillo article:

  • Spanish terms (cabildo, hacienda, limpieza de sangre, curanderas, etc.)

  • the Bourbon reform program (this is covered in the last section of the article)

  • frontier lifestyle (ranching, agriculture, businesses, etc.)

Cabeza de Vaca film:

  • Karankawa Indians

  • Estebanico

  • Panfilo de Narvaez

  • Tarahumara Indians

  • Coahuiltecan Indians

  • Bartolome de las Casas

  • Juan Gines de Sepulveda

Habsburg and Bourbon dynasties in Spain:

  • Charles V

  • Philip II

  • Charles II

  • “Thirty Years War”

  • War of the Spanish Succession

  • Spanish Armada disaster of 1588

  • Charles III and his advisers (Conde de Floridablanca, Melchor de Jovellanos)

Spanish California:

  • Jose de Galvez

  • Treaty of Paris

  • Sebastian Vizcaino

  • Captain Gaspar de Portola

  • “soldados de cuera”

  • Chumash and Kumeyaay Indians

  • San Diego

  • Father Junipero Serra

  • Juan Bautista de Anza

  • pueblo of Los Angeles

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