Topic 4 DQ 2.2

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Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references:

My view on suicide is that it is a sin and at the same time not a sin. I think what makes it a sin or not is the reason why one commits suicide. Some people suffer from depression and end up committing suicide. This to me is not a sin as they have no control over their decision. To them, they feel that their problems can only be solved by ending their lives. This is mostly evident on people who kill themselves and leave a suicide note behind. Others commit suicide as a reaction to anger or disappointment; they have full awareness of their actions. These ones commit sin against God as they have decided to take their own life, which is a privilege that only belongs to God. God is the giver of life and only He can take it away (Paterson, 2017).

Euthanasia on the other hand is simply murder as death has been caused by a person. Family members to a patient or even healthcare providers might sometimes feel that no treatment will be able to ease a patient’s suffering. Instead of medically killing the patient, life support machines should be withdrawn and the patient left to die on his own. If a situation looks hopeless where death in inevitable, the caregivers should not abandon the patient to die. They should offer comfort care by easing the patient’s pain and making him comfortable (Cohen, 2015).

Some people consider the sin of suicide as unforgivable as the victim has no time to repent. This is not the case as others die abruptly without also repenting their previous sins. The death of Jesus Christ on the cross however cleanses all sins and therefore we are forgiven our sins (De, 2004).


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