Topic 5 DQ 2

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Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

Since my project is about reducing facility acquired pressure injuries, securing stakeholder support is extremely important. The CEO knows what is at risk if the HAPI’s continue to be on the rise. Another important component in implementing our change project is gaining support from staff with education and tools that help identify patients at risk of developing pressure injuries. Since there are nurses, many of them are new graduates,certified nursing assistants as well as nursing students that would be involved in the process, securing their feedback would be important in the overall success. However, it is important to manage certain barriers that can impact acceptance of our new protocols such as “innovation (research qualities), communication (research presentation), nurse (adopter), and organization (setting)—the organization has distinctly been perceived as the main impediment” (Halm, 2010). A few other things to consider are cultural barriers that help clarify roles and beliefs about routine patient care, and the lack of motivation to change practice.

The stakeholders at the facility have committed to developing EBP teams to help empower staff in promoting these changes that will impact overall quality of care. The stakeholders help in committing essential resources that are required in the accomplishment of the project (Halm, 2010).


Halm MA. (2010). “Inside looking in” or “inside looking out”? How leaders shape cultures equipped for evidence-based practice. American Journal of Critical Care, 19(4), 375–378.

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