Two key elements within the CQUniversity Strategic Plan (2019) are that “We embrace and celebrate…

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To raise awareness of the Australian indigenous culture and other international indigenous cultures within CQUniversity Australia. 3. Background Two key elements within the CQUniversity Strategic Plan (2019) are that “We embrace and celebrate diversity” (p. 4), and that we will aim to ‘increase our engagement with indigenous communities, in partnership with community Elders” (p.13). In order to support these aims, the Office of Indigenous Engagement (the Office) of CQUniversity Australia is planning to celebrate the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples in the year 2020 (SDG, 2020), marked by a series of events held on selected CQU campuses. Eight (8) CQU campuses/Study Centres/Hubs from various locations in Australia will be selected to participate in this project. Each of the eight locations will hold an exhibition and speaking events that will focus on selected local Indigenous communities relevant to each campus location (see the map in page 5 below). Each campus will also select one international Indigenous community as their international focus (only one international culture per campus – see Appendix B below for potential resources but students can find their own as well). Please note that each campus will be required to select a different international indigenous community so that no duplication will occur across the campuses. In terms of procurement for the local indigenous element of the project, where possible, indigenous suppliers will be involved. Other suppliers could be considered for the international focus of this project but with the understanding of the role played by the community Elders in this project. The Chair of the Indigenous Engagement at CQU, who will also be the Project Executive, would like to gather further information before finalising the project plan to present to the relevant funding body. The Office agreed it would be good to have the project plan released on the 2020 International Day of Indigenous Peoples on 9 August 2020. The project plan must be completed before commencing the project. The actual execution phase of the project cannot commence before 1 September 2020 and must be completed on or before 9 August 2021 – being the next International Day of Indigenous Peoples.

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