Types of acculturate stress, psychology homework help

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Using the following types of acculturative stress: integration, assimilation, separation, marginalization, answer the following; and use this video http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/news/20020917/e… To answer questions 4 and 5

1. Briefly describe in your own words the four types of acculturative stress noted in your text.

2. Explain the degree of stress associated with each of the patterns

3. If possible, apply one of the patterns to someone you know of who has immigrated to this country – it could be an acquaintance, a friend or classmate, a grandparent or other family member, or even yourself.

4. What are your thoughts about possible reasons why researchers may have chosen this particular age group in this study? You may feel free to integrate what you have learned from developmental psychology here.

5. Using what you have learned about this topic, discuss your reaction to this article including how might this information be applied to reduce the effects of acculturative stress.


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