peer review 209

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Looking at the draft as a whole, what is the writer’s main thesis? Is a thesis clearly written in the

introduction, or just implied? Is the thesis framed as an argument the writer is making, or just a

statement about the topic?


As a reader, do you find the tone to be academic or too casual? Does the writer provide sufficient

background and context for their topic? Do some concepts or words need to be defined? Is any

part of their argument confusing?


Does the writer clearly articulate reasons that support their argumentative thesis? Is the evidence

for these reasons clear and effective? Is there any obvious reasoning or evidence (that supports or

counters their thesis) that the writer might have overlooked?


Now consider each paragraph separately. What is the basic point of the paragraph? How does

each paragraph relate to the draft’s main thesis, or to the previous paragraph? Should some

paragraphs be deleted? Be divided into two or more paragraphs? Be combined? Be put



Look specifically at the introductory and concluding paragraphs. Are they strong and effective?

Does the introduction make you want to read the rest of the paper? Does the conclusion

summarize the argument?


As a reader, what do you see as this draft’s main strengths?


What are two specific suggestions you have for how the writer might improve their draft?

I want u to answer them in a letter form

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