business ethics 148

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Task 1:Using research based on your analysis of two recent business ethics ‘scandals’; analyse the potential risks that would affect the new PA (Procurement Agency) in terms of its accountability, transparency of operation and employee ethical conduct.

Task 2:Develop an options assessment of how a suitable ethical standard relating to accountability, transparency and employee conduct is to be achieved by PA (Procurement Agency) and monitored in practice.

Task 3:Critically evaluate and justify the sort of leadership model (taken from your study of leadership within this Unit) and philosophy that would best support a sustainable ethical organization. Illustrate leadership management of change initiative to remedy the unethical behavior/ culture of one organization identified section 1 (i.e. using one only of the two ‘scandals’ identified in Task 1). Link these lessons to conclusions and recommendations for the PA (Procurement Agency) organization.

Kindly make sure of:

– Introduction

– The Objectives of this assignment

– Conclusion

– Recommendation

– zero similarity.

– Each paragraph citation & references with Harvard style required.

– Total of pages around 8-9.

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