rhetoric and public issues final counterpublic rhetoric essay

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COMM 170: Rhetoric and Public IssuesAssignment 6: Final Counterpublic Rhetoric Essay (70 points) Check the course schedule for the due date.In this essay, you will synthesize and revise the shorter essays you produced in Assignments 4 and 5. The result will be an essay that is 2000-2500 words. You will make an argument in a clearly stated thesis statement highlighted in boldface typethat addresses this central question: What is the difference between the rhetoric that your counterpublic uses and the rhetoric that it critiques, and how is the difference between these two types of rhetoric important to the way that the counterpublic advocates for the public issues that are relevant to it? Revise and integrate the writing you did in Assignments 4 and 5. You should make sure, however, that your essay is constructed to specifically support the argument made in your thesis statement.

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