why did microsoft want to buy linkedin i m asking what the strategy is is this a lbm or rbm story is it something else 3 pts 2 what are the benefits of the merger and the drawbacks include comments about microsoft s past acquisitions and integr

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Homework M&A

Successful submissions will incorporate content from the PowerPoint and the posted articles! It’s doubtful that you need to go elsewhere. If you state a fact or opinion, cite the source. The work must be your own and not shared.

  1. Why did Microsoft want to buy LinkedIn? (I’m asking what the strategy is. Is this a LBM or RBM story? Is it something else?) (3 pts)

2.What are the benefits of the merger and the drawbacks? Include comments about Microsoft’s past acquisitions and integrations. (3 pts)

3.How can you substantiate the valuation? (I’m asking how to justify the price MSFT is paying.) Show some sort of math. (4 pts)

The following website and doc need to be read and used




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