mba 7725 optimization for business analysis

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Complete the following problems from the text using Microsoft Excel and Excel Solver:

  • Problem 5.6 on page 190
  • Problem 5.10, parts a, b, c, and f on page 194
  • Problem 5.11, parts a, c, and e on page 194
  • Problem 5.17 on page 195
  • Problem 5.20 on page 196

You will be expected to submit a single fully functional, and clearly labeled Excel file that uses a separate spreadsheet for each problem. For each problem, you will be expected to submit a complete copy of your original work, including the complete linear programming model, your work in Excel’s solver. No credit will be awarded for work that is not completed using Excel and Excel’s solver, for which your Excel worksheet is not fully interactive, or for which your work shown is incomplete. If it is a graphing problem, you need to create the graph on the Excel spreadsheet.

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