business concept plan

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Submit a draft full business plan. This will allow a week of refinement. The plan should be over 10 pages long, be a pretty document with graphs pictures and forecasts, and convey the story regarding your business.

Sample sections that would be in the business plan are below.

Executive Summary

Summary of the Company

Financial Summary (financials and projections summary)

Transaction Rationale

Market Overview

Target Market – Size and Growth of opportunity (market size, market growth rates, insights into the market, etc.)

Customers – who target customer are

Value Added Services

Core Company Capabilities – what the company does

How firm makes money – unit economics, what customer purchase, how much they spend for your product, what makes them buy,

Uniqueness of Business – what makes you different

What Problems does your business solve

Competitive Environment

Who are your competitors – what are they doing now, what are they purchasing now, how are they purchasing now

SWOT analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

Context – how is your market changing and how will changes in the market benefit or hurt you (regulatory, technology, customer needs)

How do you sustain a competitive advantage over time?


People involved in the business – your bio, types of folks that you want to hire (bio), types of folks you want on advisory board to give advice to firm

What types of folks you want to hire as company grows and what relevant experience would you be looking for – could be experts in manufacturing, sales, marketing, industry, regulatory, and other folks who would help the company grow

Insights regarding how you plan to grow the organization?

Financial Performance and Projections

Financial model – more detail than executive summary

Assumptions for projections

How firm makes a profit

What is the break even for the firm – # of customers, sales,

Profitability of business

Go-To-Market Strategy

Do you sell direct, work through channels such as retail; embed your technology in other firms’ products, ect.

Do you build intellectual property assets such as patents and focus on licensing the technology or sell the IP to a strategic firm who can benefit from your IP

Are you Raising Capital and if so, why you are raising capital?

How much capital is needed and what will it be used for (or how much money do you need for donations for a social entrepreneurship venture)

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

Expand product lines

Expand geographies

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