find an article about portugal and write your opinion

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I have attached all the needed files for the assignment! The country search will be “Portugal”. And here what is exactly needed:

Also, you have collected lots of data about the Macroeconomic condition of the country you are studying: Real GDP, Inflation, etc. (10 point assignment)

Now I want you to find an article about trade distortions in the country you are studying.

Notice that … YOU are to be the expert … YOU are to use all the resources at your disposal (whatever they may include, library, Google, CIA, etc.).

We have studied trade for over half of the semester. I leave it to you – YOU ARE the expert on this country and I want YOU to tell me what’s important.

That’s the research part of the paper left for you to do for 10 points in the paper. (see the rubric)

Your “opinion” for 8 points – where do you see the country heading … as the expert analyst on the country you are studying.

You can look at the “Country Analysis Paper” from any angle you wish: as an investor, as an interested observer, as a potential tourist even.

One more comment: Notice that the article cam be the effect of U.S. trade distortions on the country you are studying OR the trade distortions created by that country itself (China’s retaliation, for example).

Thank you,

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