palliative care med surg to labor and delivery

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  • Consider the patient population you currently work with (or hope to work with someday) and all the elements of this course. Think about the personal or professional experiences that sparked your interest in taking this elective course in palliative care. Be creative and think about how palliative care applies to any setting by improving the quality, total care for patients. Write a 4-5 page (1000 – 1500 WORDS) TIMES NEW ROMAN, 12 FONT double-spaced essay detailing how you would promote palliative care principles and practices in this setting. submit as a WORD DOCUMENT to this assignment link.
    Include:Description of the patient population, setting, and illnesses encountered- What type of patients do you currently work with or wish to work with? Is it an inpatient or outpatient setting? Is it in a rural or urban setting? What are the most common diseases encountered? Please explain the illness and its disease trajectory. Questions to consider: What is the life expectancy at diagnosis? How is disease staged? What types of symptoms are commonly seen?Interdisciplinary team members and their roles- Who are the key members in your work setting? If you are not currently working as a nurse, please use the lectures and readings to describe who you think would be vital team members and how they would be utilized.Approaches to symptom management- Of the common symptoms seen with this particular disease type, what are possible non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic treatment options?Patient and Family-focused care- How would this type of comprehensive care be provided to both patient and family? How do you approach caring for the patient/family dyad?Cultural considerations- Even if you are not currently working, based on where you live, what are some cultural considerations you should be aware of? Hospice utilization- What is the hospice utilization for your patient population? What are the hospice eligibility criteria for this particular disease type?Legal and ethical issues- Have you or your coworkers faced any legal or ethical dilemmas in your practice? Please describe them.Support for Nursing staff- When nurses are ethically challenged or morally distressed what support is available from your unit/department? What support services should be offered?Self-care recommendations- Finally, close with some thoughts about self-care and some of the things you do to ensure that you are mentally, physically and emotionally prepared to care for other

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