write a research paper on a breach experiment

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clearly identify the situation you breached and present a detailed description of the expected behavior in such a situation and your prediction of how you thought others would react to your breach; 2) discuss how you breached the situation and why you think it was or was not a successful breach; 3) describe how people reacted to your breaching behavior in each of the three encounters with the situation, and discuss whether their reactions matched your predictions; and 4) explain why people react to breaches in behavior as they did using at least two of the following four terms/concepts: negotiated meanings/transactions, generalized reciprocity, attitude, belief). Note that your explanation MUST include definitions for each of the terms used as well as specific examples for each term from your data/responses.

My Breaching Situations that need to be addressed are:

My first social situation. I decided to take the bus to my job and there weren’t that many people on the bus so i decided to sit down in the seat right next to me even though there was plenty empty seats around us. He acted rather standoffish, particularly when I attempted starting a conversation with him. About when my stop came close i told him about breaking the norm assignment and we laughed it off and i moved seats. I concluded that people would react in a similar fashion if I were to sit next to them on an empty bus.

the second social situation i decided to try it with my friend and some people i knew but as close with. I went to the cafeteria at reedley college and would sit next to them and engage in conversation. I made sure i sat behind them and when they would begin to get on their personal phones. I would peer over them and just watch what they were doing and who they were texting. My close friend hassan when he seen me doing that he confronted me made a joke about me and turned his phone off to prevent from seeing any further. Now for the other two girls i decided to invade they didn’t say anything but simply discreetly moved the bodies from me seeing and then turning their phones off after about 20 mins i decided to tell them so our relationship wouldn’t be tensed afterwards.

my third social situation i conducted this experiment with my boss, as i was being designated to my position at work. I decided to stand as close to my boss as possible. when this engagement started he backed up rather quick and gave a perturbing look. As he quickly backed up i waited about 5 seconds and inched myself closer. He then confronted me “dude why are you so close” to save my embrassment i decided to tell him

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