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OPEN Blog #7 The Attachment Debate: How important is early attachment to later relationships?

The blog will be open from Monday Nov 11 at 8:35am until Sunday Nov 24 at 11:55pm.

Minimum 250 words.

Relationships provide a fundamental context for development across the lifespan. This includes relationships with parents, siblings, peers, romantic partners, spouses and children. Recently researchers have begun questioning the early work on attachment by Bowlby and Ainsworth and are suggesting that attachment experiences in infancy may not have as large an influence on later relationships (especially adult relationship) as previously thought. This is very interesting to me as I am currently conducting research on attachment relationships and use of cyberbullying within romantic relationships. Have a look and see what you think. I will be interested in your evidence-based thinking.

Consider the three issues raised by Kagan. Please address each of these in your blog.

1. What is the best way to think about attachment relationships?

2. How do we measure the nature of attachment relationships?

3. Finally, does the relationship established in the first year influence the child’s future personality and their adult relationships?

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Research Article:

Doyle, C. & Cicchetti, D (2017). From the Cradle to the Grave: The Effect of Adverse Caregiving Environments on Attachment and Relationships Throughout the Lifespan, Clinical Psychology, 24(2), 203–217. doi:10.1111/cpsp.12192.

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