immigration and crime literature review paper with annotated bibliography

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Paper topic: The public opinion about immigration and crime

Due November 18 10am ET: Annotated bibliography

Submit an annotated bibliography summarizing at least five (5) *peer reviewed* articles related to your paper topic. You must use American Psychological Association (APA) citation format. obtain PDF copies of the articles related to your topic. For each article provide a full bibliographic citation in APA style (e) write a short summary (150- 200 words)

Literature Review (due 11/26/19)

Introduction – should clearly state which topic you are exploring and provide a preview for the rest of the paper. Include a clearly stated research thesis or research question(s) in your introduction. Explain why this topic is important.

Literature review – should include a detailed discussion of the studies you reviewed for this project. Recall that you must discuss at least 10 different academic publications, 5 of which must be peer reviewed articles not used in class. While the use of some direct quotes is appropriate, I expect that you will mostly discuss the studies in your own words. The use of a large number of direct quotes will negatively affect your grade (note also that all direct quotes have to be cited appropriately using the APA format

Discussion Conclusion – should summarize the results of your literature review, point to policy implications of your findings, point to gaps in literature you have identified and propose ideas for future research.

References — should include citations for every sources used in your paper in APA format.

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