financial planning strategic advice assignment

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Strategic Advice (up to 2500 words)

  • Provide a holistic assessment of the family’s background, including personal and financial information.
  • Clarify, assess and prioritize clients’ goals given their resource and constraints.
  • o This step may require formal modelling and Excel spreadsheet output can be included in the Appendix to support your calculation. Only a limited number of tables should be included in the main advice and the tables should be easy to read with sufficient explanation.

  • Provide recommendations within the scope of the advice to help the family reach their goals and objectives.
  • Justify and explain the recommendations in consideration of the ‘best interest duty’ under Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act.
  • State and substantiate (where appropriate) additional assumptions.
  • Discuss the risks of your recommendations and alternative options.
  • Thorough research of the products recommended.

    Please see attached document for detailed requirements

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