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In my opinion, assessments in middle school could have both positive and negative effects go to student learner. Assessments not only prepare and assess student learning, they have an impact on how lessons are presented and delivered by the teacher. According to Manning and Bucher (2012), assessments should involve process and product. Process uses quantitive and qualitative information to help educators in planning and delivering lesson content. Product helps teachers determine if the student is progressing towards learning goals. Keep in mind that these learning goals should be individual assessments. In that manner, assessments are used as a guide to assess students learning all different levels.

Negative impacts on assessment can include the use of standard or uniform testing for all students. As discussed in the video, I am one of those individuals who suffers from test anxiety. The different learning backgrounds, cultures, and motivation show in a student work. This is why traditional methods of teaching such as multiple-choice and short answer essay assessments cannot be the only form of measuring students learning. Middle school educators must consider the learning needs of each individual student in the process and products of learning (2012). Young adolescent Face many different challenges and changes during this time. Assessments should address unique individual characteristics the focus on and evaluate students progress, not the right or wrong answer.


Manning, M. L., & Bucher, K. T. (2012). Teaching in the middle school. (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon. ISBN: 9780132487351.

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