essay 4 l should people all wear the same clothing will people dressing in the same clothing end gender inequality

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In the attachment there are the requirements for this essay. I need you to use any of these source materials to support your argument. And every essay needs to have a quote. Also the thesis needs to be on the introduction paragraph in the last sentence. Make it clear what you are writing about and don’t go off topic. These source materials are the only ones you can use and you don’t have to use all of them.

Yes, Gender Equality Is A Men’s Issue (Links to an external site.)

Genderless retail is the future and it’s here (Links to an external site.)

Joy of unisex: the rise of gender-neutral clothing (Links to an external site.)

Research: Men Get Credit for Voicing Ideas, but Not Problems. Women Don’t Get Credit for Either (Links to an external site.)

5 latinx fashion brands shaking up the gender binary (Links to an external site.)

The Glass Runway: Our Exclusive Survey on the State of the Fashion Industry

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