t tests summaries and practice data

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T-tests summaries and practice data Attachment

T-tests summaries and practice data

Hi Folks,

In Week 1 I asked students to review, among other statistics, t-tests for (single sample, independent (two) samples, and paired samples), and I asked that students post any questions they may have about t-tests.

All 3 versions of the t-tests were covered in RSCH8210 (which I teach occasionally), so theoretically students in this class should know how to conduct them, interpret them, and summarize the results in correct APA style, as well as their effect size, Cohen’s
d. I certainty teach my RSCH8210 students how to conduct, interpret, and summarize the results for t-tests in APA style.

When you read my sample summary for this week you’ll see that included the results for Independent (two) Samples t-tests.

You are not required to conduct or report the t-tests in your SPSS assignment this week.

But , recognizing that some students may lack a complete understanding of t-tests, I feel compelled to share with you my sample summaries and data file to practice with, that I use in RSCH8210.

So, in the attached zip file you find sample summaries for the three types of t-tests as well as the SPSS data files that they are based on.

Perhaps sometime down the road you’ll have a need to conduct and summarize the results for a t-test, and you may find these materials helpful.

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