accounting ethics 9

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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

This second week we build our understanding of ethical accounting by examining specific cases and effects that demonstrate the importance of fostering an ethical “culture” in a company and its various functions. strategic decision-making. In light of the accounting and budgeting systems we studied last week, consider how the costs involved in business performance and decision-making (Chapters 2 through 5 in our text) are tabulated,

  • Discuss the importance of an ethical culture within a company, and how it informs good decisions.
  • How would you establish strong integrity and an ethical culture in the accounting function of a company?
  • What would the processes, policies, and functions of that department look like?
  • How would its integrity be ensured.
  • What controls would be necessary or essential?
  • Were one to encounter management resistance to complete transparency where ethically required, what steps should be taken?

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