read pages 27 38 attack lifecycle in the mandiant apt1 report

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Question 1

Advanced Persistent Threat Surprises

1. Read pages 27-38, Attack Lifecycle, in the Mandiant APT1 Report

2.In a short paragraph of about 200 words describe one factor of the attack lifecycle that suprises you the most, why, and if feasible, a suggestion of something that could be done to identify or mitigate the threat.For any sources other than the article, properly reference, and cite in MLA

Question 2.

Identifying Indicators of Attack

1. Read pages 27-38 of the Mandiant APT1 Report and/or watch the Mandiant YouTube video showing examples of attack. You can find the report and link to the video at:

2. Using what you know of WireShark display filters and what you have learned from the Mandiant report/video , create five valid display filters (make sure the filters show a green background) that you could use to identify a potential APT1 attack

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