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In this homework assignment you will examine the following:

  • Four case studies
    • Case Study 1: Can GE Remake Itself as a Digital Firm?
    • Case Study 2: Rand McNally Maps Out a Trip to a Digital Future
    • Case Study 3: Collaboration at Procter & Gamble
    • Case Study 4: Boo.com: Poster Child for Dot.com Failure
  • Read these case studies carefully and develop a short report (2-4 pages) to discuss the key lessons learned from each and the similarities/differences between the case studies. It is best to use a table of the following format for this analysis.

Provide a thoughtful and comprehensive response to each of the questions outlined in the Case study Analysis Table to create the report. Conduct additional research and embed relevant content in your responses and be sure to properly site and your reference sources using APA format

i have attached the text book,please refer to the chapters for case studies

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