man 4504 operations management

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We have to write about process selections/Improvements, Basically, we have a firm called ABCS Promoting, we what to do is select the process and write more about improvements in the process

Here is an overview of the company :

ABCS Promotions produces their websites for improvement, by focusing upon the operating strategy of under promising and over delivering, along with providing value. Preparation is fit into placement by revolving around the operations strategy of under promising, with the tools available, this is used to describe to the customer a baseline of “what we can do for you”. The production of the websites is then centralized around meeting the customers wants and needs, by catering to unique customization through clear communication of their vision. Since, each website requires customization, the process is affected more by case-by-case versus mass production, so ABCS Promotions uses a job shop process, due to the abundance of time and energy, compared to a line or batch. Once the production stage is complete, operations analyzes the results based on over delivery and customer satisfaction by accuracy of their vision, which is supported by functionality as well as other attributes the website provides. ABCS Promotions aims to support their operating strategy with a motto of “first contact is considered a suspect, acceptance of proposal is a prospect, first completion of business is a client, and second completion of business is family”.

I am attaching an image of current process layout

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